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Running To

Serve The People

I am running for City Council in La Habra, CA. Our City needs a leader who will bring the values of our community to the City Council chambers. Join me as we fight on behalf of everyday La Habrans!

Join us in our efforts to help our community.

My stance on issues:


As a longtime La Habran, I will listen to the residents most impacted by any housing changes in their respective communities and advocate for their positions as we address the housing crisis.


I will collaborate with our neighboring cities to further North Orange County’s housing-first model and reach our goal of Functional Zero for our veteran and chronic homeless population.

Public Safety

I will include the necessary stakeholders in securing neighborhoods where La Habrans can live safely in our city.

Donate to my campaign!

Our campaign will work to register voters and educate the community on important issues such as Covid-19 preparedness, homelessness, and education. To do this, we need your help! Please donate today!