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Here is where I stand on the important issues impacting our city.

As a longtime La Habran I want to tackle issues with housing, homelessness, and public safety among other issues in our community.



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Accountability & Ethics




As a longtime La Habran, I will listen to the residents most impacted by any housing changes in their respective communities and advocate for their positions as we address the housing crisis.

La Habra will grow and has continued to grow over the past two decades I have lived here. The challenge is managing that growth to protect our remaining open spaces while keeping that hometown feel longtime residents have enjoyed for many years. At the same time, La Habra must lead the way in improving our quality of life, that includes an all-of-the-above approach to addressing the housing crisis. La Habra must comply with regional housing needs and Community Development Block Grants (CDBGs) are not enough. We have state and regional requirements to meet under California law. My commitment to you is to visit the areas of our city that will be most impacted by any development proposals and work with stakeholders through the development process, if necessary - our homeowners and neighbors that may be affected and/or evicted, our renters, our seniors, and our most vulnerable La Habrans on fixed income. I am a small business owner (a small nonprofit) and have resided in the city for over two decades and will continue to be a La Habran - I am invested in making housing work for everyone.



I will collaborate with our neighboring cities to further North Orange County’s housing-first model and reach our goal of Functional Zero for our veteran and chronic homeless population.

La Habra’s homeless population is increasing because of the coronavirus crisis. Families are evicted and they and their children become homeless clients for our neighboring cities - Fullerton, Buena Park, Placentia - to manage through our established relationships with CityNet, the Illumination Foundation, and California’s Project Roomkey. La Habra’s goal must be “functional zero” for our homeless population and I will work with our city’s Community Development Department to connect our faith organizations to our achievable goal of ending homelessness in La Habra as we address the primary cause of homelessness in our city: affordable housing.


Public Safety

I will include the necessary stakeholders in securing neighborhoods where La Habrans can live safely in our city.

By providing adequate housing and eliminating homelessness, public safety will increase. A public awareness and education campaign that works holistically with different parts of the city where criminal activity exists will affect change especially when La Habra commits itself to include underserved, underrepresented, historically excluded/discriminated, and under-privileged residents of Our Caring Community in the conversation. Because many law enforcement calls involve mobility issues, I support Vision Zero policies designed to eliminate pedestrian injuries and fatalities that reduce the need for law enforcement while addressing La Habran demands for social justice and equity during our time of social unrest. Another way La Habrans can participate in citizen engagement and civil defense is through disaster readiness that brings disparate parts of our city together by utilizing Homeland Security (DHS) grants for volunteer disaster preparedness programs such as La Habra’s Community CERT Training Program and the La Habra Police Department’s Citizens’ Academy. Through these continued efforts La Habra can address systemic issues with our law enforcement/public safety efforts whenever they intersect with our city users.



I will commit to a Vision Zero traffic management plan that increases safe, healthy, equitable mobility for all.

More La Habrans are using our sidewalks to exercise, visit businesses, and walk/dogwalk/jog/bike/bus/ride-hail from Point A to Point B. La Habra needs a systems approach that addresses traffic impacts. This includes adopting Vision Zero, a strategy that recognizes traffic safety as a public health issue. Setting the shared goal of zero fatalities and severe injuries includes implementing more Safe Routes to Schools city projects, reactivating the concept of a linear park through our city’s railroad depot, and pursuing Measure M/SB1 funds for La Habra’s ever-popular street and intersection improvement projects.


Open Spaces

I will protect La Habra’s open spaces from irreversible environmental damage.

Open spaces are green spaces - it is good for our natural environmental setting.

What is good for the environment is good for all of us. 

For the environment, I support Measure X.



I will listen to your voice to improve our collective park space as an investment in quality green space access.

La Habra has over 20 parks. Protecting our open spaces can offer La Habra the opportunity for more green parks for our children and families, especially to further our youth and workforce development programs. Our parks have been neglected due to a backlog within city maintenance of facilities. We need to pay attention to our parks’ cleanliness and build accessible walkways for our disabled and elderly La Habrans in order to end those disparities between different parts of the city.


Economic Development

As La Habran who has worked in the city and started a small business, I want our economic development opportunities to continue - but first we must fight for our existing businesses during the coronavirus economic downturn.

65,000 residents and $65,000 median income (“65/65”) is approximately where La Habra stands currently and our redevelopment and revitalization of existing properties for small- and medium-size businesses impacted by COVID-19 is key to protecting our business activity. COVID-19 business recovery programs must continue down the pipeline through the help of our Congressional, county, and state leaders. Population diversity is also key; embracing diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in our city government we can attract new talent to Our Caring Community.


Fiscal Responsibility

I will work with our Congressional and state representatives to support La Habra’s fiscal stability and operational impacts during the coronavirus pandemic.

La Habra’s City Budget continues to be impacted by a decrease in sales tax revenue. General Fund reserves (Rainy Days) will be impacted. An honest non-ideological assessment of our city’s financial state indicates that addressing shortfalls and debts will require federal and state assistance. An honest non-ideological assessment of our city’s financial state indicates that the City will be forced to consider significant cuts to essential services.


Accountability & Ethics

I will work to meet the needs of La Habrans to promote a high standard of ethics and values. I am transparent and will demand our city addresses concerns in a timely manner through a multilingual campaign.

When La Habrans ask “How can I contribute?” our city council should be able to answer with a high standard of ethics and values. Let’s give our La Habrans language accessibility, especially Spanish and Korean. We need to make sure our city councilmembers do not dishonor or break our public meeting rules. Our city councilmembers should not participate in events that conflict with private financial interests. I am a signatory of La Habra’s Code of Fair Campaign Practices