About me

Peter Cruz is running for City Council in La Habra, CA

I was raised in La Habra, California. 

I work for a nonprofit as a Youth and Family Engagement Specialist that helps our vulnerable communities here in Orange County.

Meet Pete

I graduated from Fullerton College and University of California. I started a nonprofit focused on providing a platform for community organizing. I continue to live in La Habra to make a difference for Our Caring Community.

I’m here to serve you for the next four years. 

Why am I running?

Growing up in Our Caring Community, our long-term needs are vulnerable and La Habrans are demanding policies to protect businesses, homeowners, and residents. My mom purchased a home in La Habra when we moved into the city. My brother attended La Habra High. One of my first jobs was as a cashier at the Super K-Mart where the current Target is located in Uptown near Westridge. I commuted by car and by OCTA bus to Fullerton College to attend classes from their honors program. I live in between two community parks near Uptown - Vista Grande and Las Lomas. I enjoy our open spaces to play Pokémon Go and visit our other larger city parks to walk dogs and spend time with friends. My family has worked within the city limits and have been privileged to walk from work to home down Walnut Street. We continue to shop for groceries on Whittier Boulevard and the Imperial Promenade, to buy sandwiches at different delis, and we will continue shopping and dining in our city. We shop and love La Habra!


Over time, I learned about La Habra by attending city council and committee meetings and participating in civic events, including as a current member for our K-8 school district’s bond oversight committee. As a long-time resident, I discovered what works and what has not, especially during our current crisis.

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My commitment to you.

We must work together to support more inclusive policies affecting all residents. This includes addressing housing, homelessness, public safety, traffic, open spaces, parks, and maintenance. We need to further collaborate with our neighboring cities on addressing the homelessness crisis as evictions and foreclosures increase and impact our city resources. C19 is under addressed if La Habra ignores its largest employment base - La Habran essential workers, our La Habran Latino population, and small-business owners/sole-proprietors.

Most importantly, I am running because I want to hear from you in order to bring your ideas into our city government. I do not have all the answers but I will dedicate my term informing myself through civic engagements, C19 resources the community can access (including more block grants), communicating with city staff, working with the current city council on urgent items, availing myself to staff reports, collaborating with neighboring cities, and having community leaders and members of Our Caring Community connect with me in-person or at AskPete@PeterCruz.org My background in public service, citizen involvement and social services will guide me to serve you and I look forward to being your advocate for the next four years. Whether you are a new resident or a lifelong one, I look forward to introducing myself to you and listening to your concerns that I can take to City Hall. Thank you for your vote!

In Service,



Let’s work together!